Meeting and group terms and conditions


Charges for the event are subject to possible alterations in the reservation.


All prices are in euros and VAT inclusive. We reserve the right to change the price in case there is a change to the booking´s dates, number of participants, number of meeting or hotel rooms. The prices are non-commissionable unless otherwise stated.


According to the confirmation or terms below.

Terms of payment

Meeting/ group reservation are always charged in one invoice. If not agreed otherwise, the customer pays directly at the hotel upon departure in cash or by credit/debit card. If the customer has a valid billing contract, the hotel can send the invoice (to the domestic companies with Finnish business id) after the event (minimum billing is 120€ including the billing fee is 20€). Foreign companies, associations and private persons will be invoiced in advance.

Our terms of payment are 14 days net with a penalty interest rate of 16%. The hotel reserves the right to change the method of payment if the customer’s credit history or payment behavior is not found to be satisfactory.

Meeting reservation

Meeting package is always charged as a whole package price, which includes pre-agreed meeting rooms, conference equipment and catering.  Meeting package will not be dismantled – it is always charged in whole – regardless of whether all the participants took part e.g. in all the meals.

Details for the event

Please provide the following details two weeks prior to the event:

  • Number of participants and name list of the accommodating guests
  • Timetable including lunch and/or coffee break times and possible allergies/diets
  • Dinner menu option and drinks
  • Seating arrangements in meeting room
  • Billing address and ref (if billing contract is made)
  • Text to the information board
  • Conference equipment requirements and wishes
  • Host of the event


Persons or room nights  











over 200

Cancellation free of charge (100%) 7 days prior to arrival 14 days prior to arrival 30 days prior to arrival 60 days prior to arrival 90 days prior to arrival 120 days prior to arrival
50 % of the booking 5 days prior to arrival 7 days prior to arrival 21 days prior to arrival 30 days prior to arrival 60 days prior to arrival 90 days prior to arrival
25 % of the booking 3 days prior to arrival 4 days prior to arrival 14 days prior to arrival 21 days prior to arrival 30 days prior to arrival 60 days prior to arrival
10 % of the booking n/a n/a 7 days prior to arrival 14 days prior to arrival 14 days prior to arrival 30 days prior to arrival
5 % of the booking n/a n/a n/a 7 days prior to arrival 7 days prior to arrival 14 days prior to arrival

Possible cancellations must be informed in writing. Billing will be done according to the confirmation or the actual number of participants in case the total amount payable is greater than anticipated. If the number of participants changes considerably, the hotel reserves the right to appoint other meeting space for the event as well as re-negotiate the details and charges of the event.

Example of a room night calculation: If 30 rooms are booked for 2 nights there are a total of 60 room nights.

Bookings exceeding 200 room-nights are subject to separate terms of cancellation.

Room Allotment

Hotel reserves a pre-determined number of rooms for the group and guarantees the room rate agreed up to the allotments deadline. After the deadline any unreserved rooms are released from the allotment back to public sale, and further room reservations are to be made with the daily room rate instead of the allotments room rate. Hotel guest has responsibility for the room reservation made from the allotment, including payment, cancellation, and no-show. The hotel gives booking code and its last valid date at the time of confirming allotment. An individual room booked from the allotment can be cancelled without costs 24 hours prior of arrival (unless otherwise agreed).
Participants book their rooms directly (by phone, e-mail or web site), indicating the dedicated booking reference. Bookings must be guaranteed with credit card information.


The hotel will arrange new rooms for delegates and cover transportation costs to the other hotel in case of overbooking.

Liability and insurance

The hotel is not responsible for loss or theft of items owned by the guest.

Force Majeure

Strikes, lockouts, fire, problems with suppliers and other extraordinary situations over which the parties in this contract have no control over constitute ground for termination without liability for compensation.

Form of contract

Any amendments are valid only in writing and when signed by both parties. This reservation may not be transferred to a third party without written approval from the hotel. In case of transferring the reservation to a third party, the hotel reserves the right to alter rates and conditions of the original confirmation.