General booking terms and conditions

General booking and cancellation terms and conditions at hotels of Primehotels Oy 1801261-6 (later Primehotels).

Scope and special conditions:

These terms and conditions shall apply to accommodation reservations made by individuals, unless a special agreement has been drawn up and the terms and conditions of the product to be booked do not mention otherwise. These terms and conditions also apply to accommodation bookings made through the Primehotels website.

These terms and conditions do not apply to bookings made by individuals if the reservation is made for a group, the reservation being more than 10 room nights.

Booking and confirmation:

The name, residential address, time of arrival and departure as well as payment method must be mentioned at the time of booking. The reservation is binding to the hotel once it has been confirmed orally, in writing or, for example, by email, and when the booking confirmation or confirmation number has been received. As a condition for the reservation, the hotel may set different rules, the payment of the booking fee or the confirmation of the reservation with an advance payment as a requirement of validity.

Arriving at and leaving the hotel:

The room is available at 3 pm on the day of arrival and must be handed over by 12 noon on the day of departure. The hotel may also have different arrival and departure times. If nothing else has been agreed upon at the time of booking or there are no other conditions attached to the price or time of booking, the room will be held reserved for you until 6 pm on the date of arrival indicated in the reservation.

If you arrive after that, the late arrival time must be confirmed by advance payment or other agreed means. Otherwise, the hotel can resell the room. If you arrive at the hotel within its arrival times but the reserved room is not available, the hotel must, at no additional cost, acquire the nearest room of the same standard.

Booking warranty:

The reservation can be secured with either a partial or full advance payment. The advance payment and its payment schedule are always agreed upon in advance with the customer. In this case, the hotel will keep the room booked after 6 pm without a notification of the late arrival.

Cancellation and no-show:

If nothing else has been agreed at the time of booking or there are no other terms and conditions attached to the price or time of booking of your choice, the free of charge cancellation must be made no later than 6 pm on the day of arrival.

If the reservation is not used, the hotel has the right to charge a price of one night plus taxes as compensation, as well as any other additional confirmed services related to the reservation.

Departure before agreed date:

If the departure date of the reservation is earlier than the agreed departure date, the hotel must be informed of the changed date no later than 6 pm the day before the departure date. Departure before the agreed departure date may result in a change in the total price of the duration of stay.


All hotels accept the most common, international payment cards. However, the hotel is not obliged to accept foreign currency, coupons or cheques if the hotel itself has not offered to do so.

If the room has not been paid for in advance, the hotel room must be paid for in cash or by payment card upon arrival at the hotel. As an advance payment, a reservation fee determined by the hotel can be charged, which is deducted from the final invoice.

The hotel has the right to charge a deposit for the use of additional services upon check-in.

Customer’s appearance at the property:

At the hotel, we follow good manners and regulations. If the rules are violated, the customer can be removed from the hotel immediately. In this case, pre-ordered and confirmed services have to be paid for.

For security reasons, only people who check into the hotel are allowed into hotel rooms and other reserved spaces. The maximum number of persons per room and space must not be exceeded.

Customer’s liability for damages:

The customer is liable for any damage caused intentionally or through negligence (such as smoking in the room) caused by the customer himself or their guests or pets to the room or other premises of the hotel, furniture or equipment there, and to other hotel guests or their property.

Liability for damages is determined by the general principles of compensation for damages.

Accommodation of a minor:

Room reservations can only be made by a person over 18 years of age. An adult booking a room for a minor is responsible for the minor, regardless of whether or not the adult stays with the minor. A minor staying alone must have an informal permission slip signed by the guardian, which must show the minor’s name, date of birth and date of stay. The name and telephone number of the guardian must also be clearly marked.