Prime Care

Stay at a hotel with peace of mind

We have implemented practices and hygiene guidelines in line with the Prime Care programme to ensure the safety of your stay in all Primehotels hotel and restaurant facilities. Cleanliness has always been a priority for our staff, but with the introduction of the Prime Care programme, we have enhanced the cleaning of our rooms and common areas, seated customers at a safe distance from each other and made changes to our service processes to further improve the level of hygiene in addition to general comfort.

Comprehensive care and well-being

We want to take the best possible care of your health and safety during your hotel stay. The well-being of our guests and staff is of paramount importance to us, and we ask that you familiarise yourself with our Prime Care ideology for us to together ensure a safe visit at the hotel.

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Meetings with peace of mind

We want to take the best possible care of your health and safety during your meetings. We have changed some of our meeting policies and we take special care of cleaning our meeting rooms and frequently touched surfaces, so that you have a safe visit in our hotels.

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Safe visit step by step

Respecting our common well-being, we can visit hotels with peace of mind.

Before the trip

  • If you feel sore or have symptoms of airway inflammation, stay home.
  • We offer flexible change and cancellation policies and you have the flexibility to make changes once your booking has been made through Primehotels or the hotel’s own website.

Arrival at the hotel

  • Please remember to keep a safe distance from other guests for the safety of yourself and others.
  • Please note that it is safest to pay for the accommodation in advance through the booking system on our website or by card payment on site.
  • Please take care of the general hygiene instructions and use hand sanitizer while visiting public premises.

In hotel rooms and public areas

  • We clean our hotel rooms, meeting rooms and our common areas after each guest with special care.
  • We maintain a high level of hygiene during your stay.
  • Hand sanitizer is available in our public areas.

When visiting the restaurant

  • We clean and wipe the restaurant tables after each customer with special care.
  • Our restaurant space is arranged so that customers are placed under the guidance of the staff to sit at a safe distance from each other. Families and groups can naturally sit together.
  • Indoors, we follow the current regulations set by the government regarding the safe distance between customers.
  • It is possible to arrange food and drink in the private hotel room.
  • Please note that card payments are safer than cash payments for hygiene reasons.

Welcome to stay with a peace of mind

  • Stay in the hotel with a peace of mind.
  • We take care of the cleanliness of all our facilities during your stay.
  • There is no need to worry about changes to plans, we offer flexible change and cancellation policies when your booking is made through Primehotels or the hotel’s own website.
  • Your well-being is at the heart of us and we take care of your comfort through good food, drink and spiritual nourishment surrounded by a unifying nature.