Corporate responsibility at Primehotels

Prime Care is our corporate responsibility programme, which drives our social, financial, and environmental responsibility efforts effectively and systematically in all our company’s interfaces in a spirit of joint development. Although our hotels are all distinct, unique entities, Prime Care is a common set of ground rules for financial, social and environmental sustainability.


Green Key certification supports environmentally responsible operations

Our Green Key certification is our transparent commitment to important environmental action in our hotels and building sustainable tourism.

Among other things, our everyday environmental actions include:

  • Economical consumption of energy and water
  • Recycling and reducing waste
  • Serving local, vegetarian and organic products
  • Using eco-labelled detergents, cleaning products and papers
  • Facilitating ecological mobility and nature tourism for customers

Sites that are awarded the Green Key endeavour to raise environmental awareness among the personnel and customers.

Companies with Green Key certification are allowed to use the internationally recognised Green Key symbol and gain the programme’s support for their environmental work and communication about it. Green Key symbols have been awarded in Finland since 2015, and the programme has been running internationally since 1994. Today, over 90 tourism businesses in Finland hold Green Key environmental certification. Green Key operates in 58 countries, and Green Key certificates have been awarded to more than 3,000 sites.

Read more about environmental responsibility at Hotel Sveitsi, which has held Green Key certification since 2019:

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Working together for sustainable operations

The employee experience and caring for people are at the core of our operations, enabling us to provide genuine, heartfelt and immediate hospitality to our guests and also our employees. These values are our way of looking after each other and our guests.

We know that a financially successful company has every opportunity to influence its personnel, customers and stakeholders and commit them to responsible activity over the long term. Profitable operations create jobs and opportunities in business, and we are committed to continuously developing our operations. Our hotels hold Green Key certification, so they are committed to building sustainable tourism and raising the environmental awareness of our personnel and guests.

It is important that we share our values with our partners. We require our selected partners to share our values, and it is important for us to include environmental responsibilities. We want our activities to be sustainable at every level of the company because by acting responsibly, we contribute to enriching society as a whole and promoting its development.



Responsibility drives our activities every day

All our hotels and restaurants take sustainable action every day. For example:

  • Hotel Sveitsi has introduced carbon-neutral waste management
  • Hotel Rantapuisto contributes to work to protect the Baltic Sea by supporting the John Nurminen Foundation’s Clean Baltic projects.
  • Hotel Oscar is an important part of the local community as an employer, and it supports those in need by means such as food donations
  • Spahotel Casino supports small enterprises in the Lake Saimaa region, and the menu includes local lamb
  • As Green Key certified hotels, we reduce our energy and water consumption, recycle, minimise waste, and use eco-labelled detergents and cleaning products. We strive to raise the environmental awareness of our personnel and guests and encourage ecological mobility and local and nature tourism.


Solar farm at Hotel Rantapuisto

One example of the development of environmental responsibility at Hotel Rantapuisto is the pilot project that began in autumn 2021 to reduce the hotel’s carbon footprint and determine whether solar power could be used at Primehotels’ other sites in the future.
We aim to become a corporate responsibility trendsetter in our sector. The pilot project was carried out in collaboration with Solarigo Systems Oy.

  • 190 solar panels installed on the hotel’s roof
  • The estimated annual output of the panels corresponds to the annual consumption of approximately 40 studio flats (approx. 60 MWh/year)
  • The electricity produced by the plant reduces carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 7,500 kg every year.

Stay with us for peace of mind

The wellbeing of our guests and personnel is of paramount importance to us. We have introduced the operating methods and hygiene guidelines in the Prime Care programme to ensure your safety throughout your stay at any Primehotels hotel or restaurant. Find out how we ensure a clean and hygienic environment and the comfort of our guests:

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