Masterful gatherings at Hotel Mestari

At Mestari, people do not just come to meetings – they get together to succeed!

Hotel Mestari, opening its doors in the heart of Helsinki, is expanding the lifestyle mindset from its accommodation operations into its meeting and event services. When you come to Mestari, you get more than just a meeting room – we provide a comprehensive service that meets your specified goals.

Hotel Mestari, which will open its doors in the Kamppi district in May, will introduce Helsinki to a new breed of meeting and event services tailored around customers’ objectives. The business idea revolves around individuality and platform thinking. In addition to our premises, technology, catering and services, we also provide access to our extensive partner network with expertise ranging from event production to entrepreneur-driven services.

Event planning always begins by defining the objective.

“The customer knows what they want to achieve at the event. We know how to make it a reality.”

Mestari specialises in the versatility, adaptability and technology in its spaces. The facilities can accommodate all kinds of occasions, from gala evenings and business festivals with hundreds of attendees to days of intensive negotiations and creative workshops. In addition, the facilities account for the differences between people’s habits and preferences for learning new things, consuming content and being in comfort.

“Spaces with an easily manageable size can be combined with visual and audio media, so guests can choose whether they prefer to listen to a speech in the main auditorium, over a game of table football, in the comfort of their hotel room, or even on the other side of the world. All the options are on an equal footing, and they are just as good as each other.”


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Roundtable decisions

A roundtable is where important decisions are made
Best decisions are made when you take your time, give your full attention, and allow for genuine discussion. With our clear process pacing your decision-making, you’re already halfway there. Around the roundtable, a five-course menu creates the backbone for your process: introduction, discussion, challenge, reflection, and decision-making. This is a refreshing way to frame your discussion and guide it towards the conclusion.

A roundtable is an intimate and focused setting where the topic stays front and center with no digressions or unnecessary sidetracks. Media screens around the space ensure that every participant has a direct eye-contact with other participants and the slideshow.


Powerful performances

In a world of sensory overload, we need impactful presentations to pick up on what’s important

Whether you’re throwing a press conference or launching a new product, Mestari’s gigantic 30-square meter media screen, numerous screen surfaces, ambience-adaptive sound reproduction, and impressive lighting technology catch people’s attention and deliver your message with the intended impact.

The space allows for various ways of learning and absorbing information, whether it’s with visual eye candy, harmonic soundscapes, or attractive lighting. The speaker is right at home in the limelight, and our personnel always keeps on top of things. This is a place where it’s easy to be impressed, and to focus on what matters.


Inspiring Business Forum

Solutions of the future emerge at touch points of various disciplines

You’ll have a wonderful time tapping into the goings-on of bustling business festivals, keynotes and panel discussions at the main auditorium’s 30-square meter media wall – or while kicking back on a couch in the adjacent room, at the bar, in the quiet of your hotel room, or even abroad. With Mestari’s state-of-the-art technology, every attendant has the best seat in the house. Take it all in on your own terms.

Our inspiring space is designed to lure you in to enjoy impactful performances, pop in to eye-opening conversations with a drink in hand, or immerse yourself in innovation workshops. Meet new people and get inspired. So let’s get together, share our skills, and work on new ideas together.


Creative workshop

New approach, new creativity and new energy for a changing world

Our creative workshop has an inspiring and relaxed feel. It encourages you to think outside the box. It’s a safe space, a shared space, a space with a sense of community. Game-like mini-breaks and carefully designed catering, energizing both mind and body, inspire and unleash everyone’s creativity.

When brainstorming, make good use of writable walls, movable screen surfaces, notepads, and traditional post-it note walls – or even play-doh or Legos. Verstas is abundant with tools. Go about your work just the way you want – standing up, on the move, on the couch, or at the table.


Glamorous gala

It’s not about the destination. It’s about celebrating the milestones along the journey

The banquet hall is where you gather to celebrate shared achievements and life’s important milestones. The space matches the mood: A 30-square meter media wall and Mestari’s magnificent lighting and screen technology with impressive soundscapes draw inspiration from star-studded skies, fireworks, or lush green groves.

We take care of everything down to the last detail, and the ever-vigilant personnel is there to ensure that all goes smoothly. Fabulous dress galore, memorable toasts and raised champagne glasses, enjoyable performances, and intriguing hors d’oeuvres take turns as centers of attention. It is the gala of the year, both surprising and delighting attendants and keeping people talking for a long time to come.


Ready-made Classic meetings

Looking for quick solutions? We also provide predefined Classic meeting solutions for fast and efficient booking.

We have already laid the groundwork for your meeting for you. You can use it as is, or you can add personalized services from our toolset.

As you arrive at Mestari, our Event Master goes through everything with you, from technology required to the outline of your day and the spaces and tools used. Our Event Master is available to you throughout your service experience.