Comprehensive care and well-being

At Primehotels, you stay and visit our hotels and restaurants with peace of mind. Our job is to make you feel comfortable as our guest. In addition to a clean and hygienic environment, we take care of your comfort by offering healthy food and delicacies, space for your thoughts and time for your loved ones surrounded by unifying nature.

  • Stay safely in the hotel.
  • We take care of the cleanliness of all our facilities during your stay.
  • There is no need to worry about changes to plans, we offer flexible change and cancellation policies when your booking is made through Primehotels or the hotel’s own website.
  • Your well-being is at the heart of us and we take care of your well-being around us through nature that exudes peace, good food, drink and spiritual nourishment.
Prime Care siisteys

Cleanliness above all

Cleanliness and hygiene have always been the cornerstones of our staff’s activities, but with the
introduction of the Prime Care programme, we are further emphasising their importance in all
our operations.

  • We have enhanced the cleaning of our rooms and common areas
  •  We pay special, standardised attention to the cleaning of hotel rooms, conference facilities and common areas after each customer
  • We take care of thorough hand washing together and hand sanitiser is available in our facilities
  • We encourage advance and card payments to promote a high level of hygiene
  •  We carefully maintain the level of hygiene throughout your stay

Delicacies and well-being

We take care of your comfort by offering a wide range of options around good food and drink, whether you want healthy and nutritious dishes or complete indulgence and delicacies.

Good food – better mood, without forgetting safety!

  • Grab a handful of blueberries from a nearby forest as a snack during the summertime
  • We follow the recommended forms of serving in all our restaurants
  • Meals and drinks can be arranged in the hotel room in a hygienic manner
  • Healthy choices nourish your body and immune system
  • Indulging in delicacies is allowed!

Mental peace and nourishment

Sometimes it is good to pause and calm down. To give room for your growing thoughts and for recharging your batteries. For experiences that set you free and increase inner strength and courage. Those are the moments that we want to help you experience at Primehotels.
We offer room for your thoughts and time for your loved ones. We have taken care of all the arrangements so that you can focus on enjoying your time and the things that matter to you in an energising environment.

  • Focus on what is most important and allow time for your loved ones—we will take care of the rest
  • Discover inner peace in the surrounding Finnish nature
  • Let the roar of the sea soothe your mind
  • Close your eyes and hear the birds chirping in the trees – freedom to dream
  • Please join us in following the recommendations from the authorities for safe services

Safe space around you

Here you will find safe space around you for the entire duration of your stay. All our hotels are surrounded by pure nature. We take current recommendations from the authorities into account in all our operations. In our indoor areas, we manage customer flows so that safe distances are maintained and both customers and staff can visit our hotel and restaurant facilities with peace of mind.

  • Up to several hectares of space to move around in
  • In our restaurant, you are seated at a safe distance from our other guests
  • Room for your thoughts
  • Experience activities safely in the surrounding nature
  • Enjoy the soothing forest landscape around you
  • Please help us maintain a sense of space by keeping a sufficient distance from our other guests and our staff (1.5–2 m)