Eero Nuutinen


Petri Isomäki

Chief Executive Officer

Kaisu Eronen

Human Resource Development Manager

Elina Kontola

Director of Marketing and Communications

Erkki Vallbacka

Director of Development and Construction

Matti Nuutinen

Director of Development and Construction

Virpi Saarinen

Director, Concepts & New openings

Alina Palonen

Marketing Coordinator

Pascal Gaudio

Senior Revenue and Distribution Manager

Janniina Mitronen

Revenue Manager

Timo Hakala

Director of Sales

Camilla Fohlin-Westerholm

Sales Manager

Elina Palosaari

Sales Service Center Supervisor

Pia Tapani

Business Support Manager – Operations

Salla-Maarit Miettinen

Business Development Manager – Operations

Satu Auer

Assistant Controller

Mika Holmqvist

System and Application Manager

Petri Aaltonen

System and Application Specialist